Doosan (Air Compresser)

Doosan Portable Power Air compressor sets the standard for rugged reliability. From high-performance ai ends to the most structurally sound internal components, these air compressors offer impressive performance and minimal maintenance. Proven on job sites around the world, These air compressors continue to offer the highest level of durability, productivity and serviceability. Doosan portable power is one of the broadest comphrensive range of Air Compressor lines in the Market . Different options available in this category of product so that you can customize your equipment to fit your needs.

Doosan StonAir Series

Doosan “StonAir Series” portable air compressor is the “Best in Class” fore jack(“StonAir 2”), 5 jack (“StonAir 31 hammer drilling. Compact, Quiet-running, Light Weight Design, Superior Running Gear and Fuel efficient Engine Ensures-Reliability, Safety and Efficiency. Features Gallery Download Standard Features Better fuel economy. Patented…

Doosan Prospair Series

Doosan “ProspAir Series” water well compressor is the “Best in Class” specially made for waterwell drilling segment. Features Gallery Download Standard Features Specially Designed for Waterwell Fuel Consumption Best in its Class. Imported H ighly Reliable Airend. Aesthetically Designed Attractive Enclosure with all Weather Coat…

Doosan HP450 VHP540

HP 450/Delivering high productivity at low cost per ton. VHP 540 is designed to enhance the value generated by crawler drills through optimum air flow and pressure. Features Gallery Download Standard Features Unique cool-box design for better component life. High flow for better flushing. High…

Doosan CLA400

Features Gallery Download Standard Features Higher pressure advantage 30% more installation distance over 100 psig compressor 600-700 meters more installation distance over too psig compressor 10& more installation distance over 150 psig compressor 200-230 meters more Installation distance over 150 psig compressor Brochures Click Here…

Doosan DA400

Best suited for Drilling Applications, Doosan’s DrillAir 400 Air Compressor is a single stage, oil injected, rotary screw compressor delivering 400 cfm free air delivery at 175 psig working pressure. The compressor unit is directly coupled to the state of the art prime mover model…

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